[Available in English] Guitar and Ukulele Lesson KOBE(Sannomiya)

投稿者: | 2021年9月15日

Music Has No Borders

SOAR MUSIC SCHOOL is available in English for Guitar (electric, acoustic) and Ukulele class.
Please contact us via E-mail or form below.


・Free rental guitar / ukulele
・Entry fee 50% off (10000yen → 5000yen)
・English scores,text book
・Advanced level speaking ability
・Cash is available


Akimasa Nihongi

Went to the United States as a teenager and joined the rock band “No Curfew”.
He made his major debut in the United States from the record company Polydor, and has a history of appearing on MTV and music festivals.
After that he went on to the Berklee College of Music Performance Department.


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